About Us

We utilize the traditional techniques and wisdom inherited from our predecessors,
and the latest woodworking technology to shape the feelings
and wishes of customers who live in today.
For ease of use with peace of mind, we produce the highest quality products,
and perform from sale to installation, maintenance by our consistent system.
This is DAIEI MOKKO’s quality.


We conduct correspondence to all customers from a corporation to the general in our consistent system
and we can also repair and remanufacture products after more than ten years from delivery.
We are specialist group of wood processing, selling and attaching what we made responsibly by ourselves,
in a sense it is a real “joinery store” that became rare in today.



Estimate, arrangement of various sample, drawing plan



Meeting, drawing working draft, making mock-up



Production at our factory, painting · inspection / shipment



Installation work, management, meeting / adjustment, inspection


After hand-over

correspondence to maintenance, inspection, repair / remake


Total coordination

We will carry out processes from business to meetings, plotting, product manufacturing,
installation work, maintenance through our company so please leave everything in peace.

Special order correspondence

From general houses to temples, shrines and temples, churches, hotels and inns,
we propose to shape the feelings and wishes of customers

Knowledge and procurement of wood

Since we are born and raised in Noshiro “the city of wood”,
we have many way to process wood
and can arrange precious trees which became hard to obtain in modern times.

Please feel free to contact us.