Traditional japanese door

Fine fittings made with tradition and advanced technology

Born and raised in Noshiro “the city of wood”, it is quality that we can do because we are knowledgeable of trees.
In addition to skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology, we would like to leave the fittings
that are conveyed from the ancient times of Japan using the warmth of nurtured trees in a way that fits the needs of modern times.
Corresponds to all kinds of fittings, material variations, sizes, such as shoji, sliding doors, board louvers and etc.

Please let us have a long lasting relationship with you

As wood is a natural material, we have individuality in all fittings made of wood, as we have individuality in our individual bodies.
Therefore, there are times when sorry, twisting and cracking of the board may occur occasionally, but we will stay close to you for a long time, we will make suggestions to help you fix defects and remanufacture.
Unlike poly plywood and resin sheets, wood has no out of print.
Depending on the correct usage, even after many years, repair is possible as many times as you like. That is the charm of wood.