Fire Rated Door

Besides fire resistance time 20 minutes and 60 minutes,
it is a product that demonstrated performance of fire resistance for 120 minutes at Singapore accreditation testing site.
It also marks sound insulation grade T2 (T3 certified by Singapore) and has been widely used at hotel entrance, banquet hall,
government office, chapel, office, general residence entrance.
Please use it for the unique feel and warmth of the wood that can not be reproduced with steel and aluminum fire doors,
and the creation of luxurious space.

  • “Reliable safety”

    Balance of safety and luxury

  • “High airtightness”

    Sound insulation grade T2, T3 (Singapore certified)

  • “Design property”

    Abundant material type and paint color can be selected

We will acquire new certifications according to the scale of the site
and we will respond to requests for custom patterns.

[Fire Protection Performance]

When it detects heat (150 ~ 200 ℃) chemical fiber inside the fire door
will expand about 40 times,
it will form a high insulation layer in the door
and frame to prevent fire and smoke.

[Fire certification of 20 minutes, 60 minutes]

Maximum dimension W 1200 mm x H 2700 mm (per door)
can be manufactured.

Cross section of fire door

Acquired fire protection, high insulation, fire protection equipment, specific fire protection equipment certification with acquisition of fire resistance certification for 20 minutes and 60 minutes (former type B, type A)

Using natural wood materials and chemical thermal insulation materials, we have realized the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approved “20 minutes fire proof” and “60 minutes fire proof”. In 2014, it succeeded for the first time as a Japanese manufacturer for the development of fire door for interior decoration of “120 minutes fire resistance” compliant with world standards at Singapore certification test site.

Advanced technology and Designability

You can freely combine various forms, door handles, surface materials etc. from abundant variations and we will correspond to full and semi custom order depending on customer’s preference. All types are fire door which cleared the difficulty test.

Variations of door

We will manufacture from various variations with your favorite design.

Variations of door handle

Other types are available upon request.

Variations of surface material

Other types are available upon request.

  • Walnut


  • Maple


  • Mahogany


  • Makore


  • Oak


  • White Oak

    White Oak

  • Cherry


  • Teak


  • Tamo


  • Cedar


  • Douglas fir

    Douglas fir

We will manufacture from various variations with your favorite design.

We will correspond from large facility such as hotel, government office, restaurant and from an entrance door of general house. The existing doors can also be remade for fire protection.